For Glory, God, and Gold!


The Traveling Sailor: A Web-Quest Project

Early Exploration : Grades 4-6




We know much about Christopher Columbus and his early discovery of land to the west of Europe, however he was not alone in discovering new territories in the “New World.”   There were many hearty men who followed their dreams and set sail to discover new land for glory, gold and God.  There were so many places discovered and conquered during the 15th and 16th centuries and so many improvements to enhance navigation, that the era was known in history as “The Age of Discovery.” European exploration of the North American continent changed the image of the world.


In this quest, you will become a sailor aboard an explorer’s ship and through your sailor eyes, you will discover much about your captain. You will write about him in your journal, make a game that charts his journey, learn a sailor’s song, uncover facts about the lives of  pirates, make hardtack and drink “grog.” As you become part of the history, you may “discover” some interesting ideas about this period in history and perhaps gain some insight into how we should think about future discoveries. So pack your duffle and hope for a gentle wind and an even keel! You may begin with “The Task.”



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Created by Susan Barry- Grade 5 Teacher

FA Cleveland Elementary School

Norwood, MA 02062